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Business Communication Systems of North Carolina (BCS of NC), based in New Bern, North Carolina, has been providing IT, security, voice and data cabling services, and phone installation to the local community since 1999. IT Director Tchitchu van Barneveld, now one of the company’s owners, joined BCS of NC with a goal to transitioning to a managed services model, with RMM playing a large role in that.

“When I joined the company, I saw an opportunity to move the company to a managed services model and deliver customized security solutions for doctors’ offices, clinics, hospitals, as well as police and sheriff offices in the community. These vertical markets were not being served well,” he explains. “With my experience, we have been able to build expertise in these vertical markets and differentiate our services. This has also helped us build strong, personal relationships with our customers.”

Barracuda RMM’s automation decreases workload

Tchitchu made the switch to Barracuda RMM to save costs and gain more functionality.

“The Barracuda RMM platform offers a lot of efficiencies through its automation capabilities and has made life much easier for our team,” says Tchitchu. “I can write custom scripts and push these out through the RMM very easily to automate the security services that we deliver. For example, if a healthcare clinic needs to do an upgrade for one of its electronic medical records (EMR) applications, a 300 megabyte file may have to be deployed to 40 machines. Through Barracuda RMM, I can write the script and automatically push this out through the RMM and have it done in 10 minutes.”

Barracuda RMM’s on-site device managers are also an advantage. Tchitchu adds, “By installing an on-site device manager at each site, we can instantly get a picture of a customer’s network and remotely and automatically deploy everything very quickly. This has been a great tool.”

Barracuda RMM limits downtime after disaster strikes

Using Barracuda RMM’s automation and remote support capabilities, BCS of NC has raised efficiency by over 40 percent and increased cost savings by eliminating on-site support. The team also added seven managed security customers to its client base.

The real benefit became clear when Hurricane Michael hit the North Carolina coast in October 2018, devastating the community of New Bern.

“Every single one of our customers were down for at least five days and 95 percent of the healthcare clinics, government offices, and other businesses remained closed. Using Barracuda RMM, we were able to quickly assess network and device status across our client base and start bringing them back online. Our account manager was with us every step of the way.”

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