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Located in Brisbane, Queensland, Vertu Technology provides IT Managed Services to businesses in Australia, New Zealand, and Indonesia. Founder and Principal, Alex Halim started Vertu Technology in the early 2000s, while working at another IT firm as a Technical Service Manager. He saw that the managed services model presented an opportunity, so they implemented it at Vertu Technology within a few years. Since then, he has formed a loyal customer base and forged strong relationships with them.

With an SMB-focus, Alex and his team are dedicated to help their clients focus on their core business functions and not worry about disruptions caused by IT. “I always work alongside my clients and consult them on what can be done to increase their business efficiencies. Everything we do is aligned with their business goals, rather than selling them something,” explains Alex.

A path to managed services success

Alex’s idea of managed services is to give his client’s stability, assurance, and a reliable IT infrastructure. In the early days of Vertu Technology, some clients would misinterpret what IT managed services was, and some did not even understand what service level agreements were. This made it difficult to get them onto a contract, as they didn’t have trust in the MSP.

Vertu needed a solution that could prove its value both when it was used to help current clients and in convincing new clients during the sales process.

Managed Workplace provides multiple benefits

Vertu Technology made the switch from Kaseya to Managed Workplace and has been using it for more than 5 years. The switch was a long-term strategy because it provides more functionality.

Alex enjoys the interface of Managed Workplace and finds that everything is easy to set up. One advantage is the ease of making changes from the library of scripts. The available scripts can be exported, allowing the MSP to make edits and create a new script, such as installing standard SOE application based on the site request.

The built-in Premium Remote Control is a handy tool that allows Alex’s team to seamlessly provide remote assistance. With Task Automation and Patch Management features, they can work continuously without impacting the clients. For example, deploying a shortcut or adding a standalone executable to the destination devices can be performed during business hours without interrupting end users. Vertu often uses the Site Security Assessment for their auditing and IT forensic investigation purposes.

NOC and reporting improve efficiency and trust

Having using Managed Workplace for several years, Vertu Technology added the optional Network Operations Center (NOC) and Help Desk services for some of their clients. By utilizing Barracuda’s NOC and Help Desk services, Vertu could resolve any issues clients experienced, without adding additional staff. For Alex, building trust is his top priority when engaging with a new client. This is when he turns to the reporting capabilities of Managed Workplace. “That is the initial value, to help build trust” says Alex.

By using the reports, he can retrieve information from the background and use the diagnostic data as part of his sales process. This is particularly helpful when converting an ad hoc customer to a contract, “Once I establish trust with my customers in the first 3 months, it makes it much easier to move them to a managed services contract.” explains Alex.

Another great use of the report is to provide validation, especially when a client may not be aware of the outstanding issues. Alex would utilize the reports to verify the items that need to be fixed and communicate with all the stakeholders of the client.

Alex is planning to expand his offerings to include managed security services. “There is definitely a demand for it – in fact my clients have been requesting these services.” In the past, when his clients spot any suspicious email activities, they would inform Alex. It has come to a point that it is happening too frequently for him to collate the incidence and inspect them manually. Implementing the Barracuda email security suite is on Vertu Technology’s roadmap in the coming months.

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