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Golden West Technologies delivers managed security, infrastructure, wide-area networking, and unified communications services to small and medium businesses in western South Dakota. The Rapid City-based company serves state and local governments, banking, healthcare, education, mining, manufacturing and Native American tribal organizations.

As Operations Manager Chris Brickey explains, “Our managed services focus gives us a geographic advantage as we can remotely deliver a range of IT and security services to a broad mix of customers across the state without adding physical locations or new staff.”

A need for more efficient service delivery

Chris leads a team responsible for managing more than 4,000 devices and 160 servers at customer sites throughout South Dakota. Simplifying service delivery has been a top priority.

Chris explains, “Historically, a big challenge using remote monitoring and management solutions for managed security has been difficulty in deployment and trying to manage sites efficiently. Prior to working with Barracuda RMM, our technicians were spending too many hours in setup and not enough on servicing our customers. We needed a simpler way to do our jobs.”

Barracuda RMM’s Onsite Manager and Service Plans provide unique value

Golden West Technologies has been using Barracuda RMM since 2013 and continues to find new efficiencies as time goes on. “We rely on Barracuda RMM every day. It’s one of the few RMM solutions that is agentless and this offers even more advantages.”

Using Barracuda RMM, managed service providers (MSPs) do not need to install or download a separate application or agent for monitoring and reporting across endpoints. MSPs can simply install the Onsite Manager and remotely support all device types within the customer network.

Chris explains, “Barracuda RMM is very easy to deploy and offers the features we need while still maintaining an easy-to-use interface. It’s agentless, so we don’t have to worry about keeping all the agents up-to-date which saves time. When a new device is added to the network, scanning from the onsite manager, along with the auto-include rules, ensure that the device is covered without manual intervention.”

Chris is also using the prebuilt Service Plans to speed up and simplify onboarding. “The Service Plans have enabled us to completely streamline customer onboarding. Now we can add a new customer into the proper plan and automatically apply the specific monitoring, patching, and automation levels for that site. We can onboard ten new servers in just a few hours compared to a full day’s work previously.”

Using a record of success to gain new customers

Chris recently signed a three-year renewal for Barracuda RMM. “Barracuda RMM gives us the tools to do our day-to-day-management. It has allowed us to be more efficient with the technicians we have and grow our customer base without significantly increasing staff.”

“We get the majority of our new business from referrals by satisfied customers and word-of-mouth. By effectively managing our customers’ networks, we can establish that track record of success that enables us to continuously gain new customers.”

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