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Expanding and improving security service offerings has become of critical importance to most MSPs over the last few years. Today, Barracuda is pleased to announce major updates to its security offerings for MSPs to enable its partners to do just this. Today’s announcements feature an integration of Barracuda Email Protection with SKOUT Managed XDR, as well as a new alliance with SentinelOne that enables MSPs to extend their endpoint protection capabilities, and more.

To celebrate this major step forward, the Barracuda MSP team sat down with Mike Hanauer, VP of Sales and Marketing for Barracuda’s SKOUT Managed XDR platform, to discuss how MSPs can use this new alliance to offer stronger endpoint detection and response, as well as the future trajectory of the MSP security landscape.

Q: What does today’s announcement mean for MSPs?

A: To quote Aidan Kehoe, our SVP of Managed XDR, security is a process, and not a product. In today’s threat landscape, it’s not enough to rely on one ring of security to protect yourself, and every MSP is creating their own offering to solve the same cyber problems.

That’s why we at Barracuda envision an Open XDR platform that integrates with the major security vendors on the market right now, so that every MSP we sit down with can package their pre-existing security investments with the enhanced visibility and detection our XDR platform provides.

With email being the number one attack vector, it is important for us to begin our integration path with Barracuda Email Protection. This is going to help our partners detect and respond to alerts on email gateway threats, impersonation and domain fraud attacks, and access to log data for analysis of threat detection and incident reporting.

Q: Can you talk about the role XDR offerings play in today’s threat landscape? How does the new alliance with SentinelOne set Barracuda SKOUT Managed XDR apart from the crowd?

A: Ever since we unveiled our platform in March of 2021, our team has known that Managed XDR would become an essential part of the cyber landscape because it gives MSPs access into more attack areas and visualize data or activity as it’s meant to be seen, not just as a stream of firewall logs.

By teaming up with a cutting-edge endpoint security team like SentinelOne, MSPs that use Barracuda SKOUT Managed XDR will be able to pair AI-enhanced monitoring with our SOC Analysts, who are available 24/7 to solve your cyber problems.

Q: How does Barracuda MSP plan to engage with their Partners to help them execute on their security-centric visions?

A: Barracuda MSP will continue to partner closely with MSPs to make sure our development roadmap aligns with their needs. Our product team will continue to work on fulfilling our vision of an Open XDR Platform by releasing more integrations with existing products in the channel. In 2022, our sales and marketing teams will also be focusing on creating and developing new resources to help our partners develop their businesses.

To learn more about what SKOUT Managed XDR can do for your team, we encourage you to reach out and see how you can leverage our platform here.

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Daniel Park

Posted by Daniel Park

Daniel Park is a technology marketing professional with experience in the B2B and cybersecurity landscapes. As a Content Marketing Associate for Barracuda MSP, he supports MSPs leveraging the SKOUT Managed XDR platform with regular updates, resources and tools.


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