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With the pandemic forcing businesses to leave the office and work from home, chances are many organizations have turned to cloud services like Box to share files and collaborate. SaaS vendors recognize that customers are moving online much faster due to COVID-19, and are looking for ways to help make that transition a bit smoother.

As an MSP, it is likely you are seeing the same thing, and are looking for ways to speed up the creation of digital workflows for your clients. But it’s challenging to move away from manual paper-based workflows, especially if you hadn’t thought about it much previously.

As Box’s Aaron Levie pointed out in a Tweet at the end of March, the pandemic has forced companies to think about how to digitize processes much more quickly than they had planned. “Years of ‘we’ll digitize that process later’ is now catching up to enterprises. Based on what we’re seeing from customers, we’re about to see an onslaught of companies going digital-first wherever possible.”

That could also be the case for you and your clients. As an MSP, you are probably being increasingly asked to help clients with these kinds of transitions. As clients move away from the office to home, old workflows that required people to be in close proximity of one another no longer make sense.

Vendors here to help

To help with that transition, Box introduced a new set of workflow templates this week. They have been designed specifically to ease your transition to a fully digital workflow. The library includes typical kinds of business processes like contractor onboarding, contract review or budget review and approval. You can also create your own workflows from scratch if you wish, but the templates let anyone get going without a lot of technical workflow knowledge.

Each template follows a set of pre-defined steps, but you can modify the defaults to meet individual requirements. This allows teams to create workflows without assistance from IT (you). Of course, you could also manage this process for them if need be.

“Taken together, these capabilities digitize mission-critical processes, helping our customers get through this new normal by powering business from anywhere,” Levie said in a statement.

The Box workflow templates can help your clients get up and running quickly with digital workflows. SaaS vendors like Box see your clients struggling and they are looking for ways to help them digitally transform, as we navigate the pandemic.

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