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The pandemic has revealed that MSPs and IT organizations are more essential than ever. It’s hard to imagine what it would have been like, trying to move an entire workforce to a remote environment without the help of MSPs and IT professionals.

In fact, many MSPs are reporting growth through the quarantine period. This further signals that businesses are increasingly relying on MSPs and it’s absolutely possible to exceed their expectations with a little innovation and ingenuity.

With COVID-19 forcing many businesses to rethink how they operate in order to keep their staff and the public safe, there are some exciting technological improvements that have come out in recent years and that can make life easier for business owners.

Communication upgrades

It’s essential for clients to be able to reach you when they need you, especially as many workers continue to adjust to being remote. The ability to seamlessly guide your customers through the troubleshooting process will make all the difference. Dropped calls and unreliable phone service can lead to aggravation and longer call times.

Consider upgrading your business phones or compensating those employees who own and use their own smartphones with the most up-to-date operating systems. Not only will this improve the quality of the service you provide, but it will also make interoffice communication easier, as well.


A data breach is the worst nightmare of many corporations. Maintaining cybersecurity amidst threats and upgrading device security in the time of COVID-19 might prove to be challenging, but it’s entirely possible to do it without much hassle.

Now is a great time to evaluate your entire security stack to make sure every asset is functioning properly and is intuitive for users. Find a company that offers a password vault and user-based security permissions to help ease the transition as customers and workers spread out and away from a centralized location.

Remote monitoring and management

If you haven’t already moved to a remote monitoring and management (RMM) system, there has never been a better time to do so. Providing phone-based IT support services can be overly cumbersome and fatigue your team. Being able to access IT infrastructure with the click of a button will save you time and money in the long run. It will also ease the burden on your clients.

Nothing is more frustrating to your employees or customers than having to troubleshoot their own devices. Having a system in place to remotely solve IT issues helps to ease headaches and gets work back on track sooner.

Patch proactively

It’s probably safe to assume that businesses will continue to rely heavily on MSPs to guide them through this unprecedented time in our history. With MSP owners and staff continuing to utilize this technology for seamless work, customers will see better and faster results.

And because you’ll likely be experiencing higher call and email volumes, consider investing in a patch management system. Integrating a patch manager into your stack will give you the luxury of automating these crucial updates so you don’t have to worry about forgetting or investing a lot of time and effort into keeping everything squared away.

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