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PT Services is excited to kick off a new podcast series called the PT Buzz. Over the next few months, we’ll be checking in with different subject matter experts from Barracuda MSP, as we take a deeper dive into issues of interest to MSPs. In our inaugural episode, I speak with Mark Whiffen and Ken Bartlett from Barracuda MSP, who share their expertise on ransomware protection in the MSP arena. The episode looks back at the history of ransomware and quickly jumps into the implications for MSPs and their clients.

Evaluating and addressing the threat of ransomware

From considering vulnerabilities to discussing how to prepare and look forward, Ken and Mark provide implementable tips and insights on how MSPs can better prepare themselves and their clients.

I think the most critical piece of advice shared during the episode is that preparing for a ransomware attack should never be looked at as an “if it happens” scenario. It should always be thought about and designed for as a “when it happens.”

You can check out this very informative conversation and also subscribe to the podcast. You won’t want to miss some of our upcoming discussions that will focus on cybersecurity best practices, emerging cyberthreats, what you need to know about Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA), and a conversation around the Executive Order on improving cybersecurity.

We are also eager to know what topics are interesting to you. Please leave us a comment and let us know what interests you most!

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John Pojeta

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  1. good to get some best practices tips on this area, always willing to hear and learn what others are doing.


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