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As you may have heard, Barracuda has acquired the Managed Workplace remote monitoring and management product line from Avast. The transaction, which is very exciting for us here at Barracuda MSP, also featured a reseller agreement for Barracuda to offer Avast Business CloudCare, Management Console, and Antivirus Security Solutions, which all integrate with Managed Workplace.

Barracuda and Managed Workplace – What does it mean for MSPs?

We sat down with Brian Babineau, SVP and GM of Barracuda MSP, to discuss the news and and how he envisions the acquisition will open up new opportunities for our partners.

Q: What does Managed Workplace do?

A: Managed Workplace is a security-centric RMM solution that enables an MSP to monitor and manage PCs, servers, printers, and other devices for its customers without being at the customers’ locations all the time. In addition to this core functionality, Managed Workplace allows an MSP to routinely conduct site security assessments, inspect password policies, control backups of PCs and servers, and manage Office 365 accounts.

Q: Why did Barracuda acquire Managed Workplace?

A: As security continues to become a more critical part of MSPs’ service offerings, we’ve received feedback from our partners that they want to be able to more easily make security a part of their daily management and monitoring routine, but they don’t always have the resources or in-house expertise to do so. The Managed Workplace solution addresses this gap for MSPs with a security-centric approach. With Managed Workplace, MSPs can routinely assess security risks across their customer base, test and update password policies, patch devices, and manage email accounts and security from one console.

Q: Why Managed Workplace, specifically?

A: There are a number of reasons Managed Workplace was the right choice for us. To name a few: Managed Workplace has a strong history, with a product line that is proven and trusted across the global MSP marketplace. Further, the Managed Workplace team continues to create new capabilities that align it with where the IT market and, more specifically, the MSP market are heading. Knowing that email is moving from on-premises to Office 365, Managed Workplace added an Office 365 account management module to help streamline MSP operations in increasingly cloud-oriented environments. And again, a key driver in this decision was the security-centricity mentioned above, which aligns with our position as a security innovator and our mission of helping MSPs to better protect their customers.

Q: What happens if an MSP uses an RMM tool other than Managed Workplace, but want to partner with Barracuda MSP?

A: We are committed to the success of our partners, and we encourage them to use the tools that best meet their individual needs. In other words; no problem. Today, Intronis Backup integrates with RMM tools such as Kaseya, Datto, Autotask, and more. We remain committed to maintaining these integrations and fostering an ‘integration-friendly’ environment, per our commitment to helping partners streamline their operations and deliver better services to their customers.

Q: Does Managed Workplace integrate with MSP Professional Services Automation (PSA) tools?

A: Yes, Managed Workplace has integrations with ConnectWise, Autotask, and TigerPaw, and we will maintain an integration-friendly architecture going forward. This architecture is what enables us to make our own solutions work well together, as well as with emerging technologies such as Office 365, to deliver a security-centric RMM.

Q: What does Managed Workplace’s integration with Office 365 offer?

A: Managed Workplace gives MSPs the ability to manage Office 365 accounts (track mailbox activity and quotas, reset passwords, etc.). Our email protection offering is extremely strong, and we can now enhance it even further by integrating Office 365 account management into that solution.

Q: What are the details of the endpoint reseller agreement with Avast?

A: All of Barracuda, including the MSP division, is now able to sell Avast Business Antivirus Pro. We will share more details in the coming weeks. If you have questions on this, please let your Partner Success Manager or Account Director know.

Q: Why did Barracuda enter into a partnership with Avast for endpoint antivirus solutions?

A: One reason is because we understand that many MSPs look to buy RMM and endpoint antivirus solutions together, and we wanted to be able to make that option available to our Partners. There is also an existing integration between Managed Workplace and Avast Business Antivirus Pro that partners can take advantage of.

Q: When will Barracuda MSP Partners be able to purchase Managed Workplace?

A: Managed Workplace is ready for purchase via the Barracuda MSP model today. Please contact your Partner Success Manager or Regional Account Director to request information or start your order.

Q: What does this mean for existing Managed Workplace MSP partners?

A: Any MSP who had a Managed Workplace contract is now a Barracuda MSP partner (if they weren’t already), and we are responsible for making them successful. Our team is here to help them purchase additional licenses, receive technical support, and more. If a partner previously purchased Managed Workplace and other antivirus products from Avast, we can sell and support those antivirus products as well.

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