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This week, CRN, a brand of The Channel Company, announced its highly respected Women of the Channel list for 2022. We’re excited to share that a total of seven Barracuda team members made the prestigious list!

These high achievers come from a variety of backgrounds and are no stranger to combatting business challenges. They display true leadership and dedication, especially when working tirelessly with customers and partners to find innovative solutions and address their needs. CRN celebrates these exceptional women for their mentorship, vision, expertise, and continuous advocacy.

Barracuda’s honorees are:

  • Cynthia Klocke, Manager, Channel Sales and Operations
  • Jenna Renaud,Director, National Accounts
  • Kelli Tolbert,Outside Channel Manager
  • Karlene Alameda,Manager, Channel Field Marketing
  • Jayne Haggard,Partner Success Manager, Barracuda MSP
  • Erin Crowley, Marketing, Manager, MSP Community, Barracuda MSP
  • Sara Ferreira,Sales Manager, SKOUT XDR, Barracuda MSP

What advice would you give to women just entering the channel?

To help guide women that are new to the channel, we asked these seven women to share their advice on how these new members can succeed and thrive in this industry. For further insights, click on each name to view their full Women of the Channel listings.

“Be confident in your ability to make a positive impact on what you do, and don’t settle for less than that. Set goals and well go beyond them, be proud of your achievements, and stand out by supporting others and helping them to do the same.” —Cynthia Klocke, Sr. Manager, Channel Sales and Operations

“Welcome! There is a lot of room to grow here within the channel.  Work your butt off and learn from your mistakes. Always do the right thing and ‘think customer.’ It’s what you do behind the scenes that will advance your career. Stay positive and have fun!” —Jenna Renaud, Director, National Accounts

“Surround yourself with people who uplift you and your skills. When I first started this position, I kept second guessing myself, wondering if I had the skills to succeed. I’ve had a great mentor over the past six years who has taught me how to create a successful channel community, but I needed to see a woman’s perspective in channel. I found the perfect person and did a ride-along for a few days to watch her in action. She helped me break down my insecurities, and I came back home and hit the ground running. It was a life-changing trip!” —Kelli Tolbert, Outside Channel Manager

“I’d encourage my younger self and women entering the channel to build as many relationships as possible with individuals you cross paths with. Building a strong network of colleagues and mentors is important. It is equally important to stay flexible. Adapting to constant change will give you the ability to pivot. Having these perspectives early on, and applying them to any situation you are in, will allow for a healthier outlook.” —Karlene Alameda, Manager, Channel Field Marketing

“I would tell them to take every opportunity that comes their way. Even if you are not sure you can do it, say yes. It’s so easy to say no and miss out on an opportunity entirely. If the door opens, take it, learn from opportunities come your way.” —Jayne Haggard, Partner Success Manager, Training Program Manager, Barracuda MSP

“My advice would be, ask the question. So many times, women feel they need to just smile and agree, but if you truly want help then stop the conversation and ask the question. If you don’t understand how a product works, or why you are being asking to work on something, or what something means; do yourself the favor and ask. Very few people will not want to help you, the channel is a great group of individuals who truly support one another and want to see other succeed. If one person doesn’t answer, go find someone else.” —Erin Crowley, Sr. Marketing, Manager, MSP Community, Barracuda MSP

“Being self-aware and customer-obsessed will break open doors and opportunities. Be a continuous learner. Fight the imposter syndrome (everyone is trying to figure it out).” —Sara Ferreira, Sales Manager, SKOUT XDR, Barracuda MSP

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  1. Moss Jacobson May 10, 2022 at 11:28 am

    Congrats to all of the Barracuda team members for these accolades!


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