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This virus is bringing out the best and worst in people, companies, and everything in between. The best are offering help to strangers and doing other helpful acts to assist those around them.

Hopefully your MSP is in the first category: a hero who’s going above and beyond for clients and focused on finding solutions making the best out of a situation of crisis. Good people like you deserve some help too, so here is a marketing gift.

It’s a marketing recipe to keep the momentum you have with your clients, helping you catch new prospects along the way.

Create a remote work assessment landing page

Many companies near you are struggling to operate from home. Whether their IT provider isn’t returning their calls, or their break fix isn’t up to speed in security, these prospects need answers and they need it now.

How can you reach them? Well, before you try, create something of value you can gift them. It can be a simple landing page or blog article.

For example, here’s a landing page that my agency, Simple Selling, made for our MSP client:

The questions on the page are easy for non-technical people to answer and it touches upon all the major aspects of remote work, such as security, applications, business continuity, and others.

Promote it to local media

An email for the local journalists who are covering the virus can give you a boost as well. Here is a template you can use:

“Dear [JOURNALIST FIRST NAME], hope you’re holding up well at home during these crazy times. I’m the president of [MSP NAME] and we’re extremely busy helping our clients set up work from home offices. I read your “ARTICLE TITLE,” and want to extend my heartfelt thanks for covering this subject.

Our phones are ringing a lot and we know that local companies may be struggling with getting their people working from home. In response to the high demand, we’ve put together a quick remote work self-assessment that any small business can use to prioritize their needs. I’m sharing it in case you encounter local companies who might need it, or if you want to include it in an article.

Take care and take your Vitamin C! — [YOUR NAME/PHONE/EMAIL]”

Remember, your message is all about appreciating and creating value for journalists. They should feel relieved to know that someone like you is helping companies out.

Promote it to happy clients

Here is an email for clients you just supported:

Dear [CLIENT FIRST NAME], we’re happy you’re up and running from home. If you know of other companies in the area who are struggling to adjust, please don’t hesitate to introduce us. In fact, we’ve put together this Remote Work Readiness Self-Assessment they can fill out themselves.

Take care and don’t forget to take your vitamin C. — [YOUR NAME/PHONE/EMAIL]

Promote it on LinkedIn

Once the landing page or blog is live on your website, it’s time to promote it on LinkedIn. This doesn’t mean spending money on paid advertising, but instead you should be strategic about how it’s promoted through status updates and local business groups matters.

Here are a few tips on how to promote effectively on LinkedIn:

    • Share the assessment as a personal status update, probably 3 to 7 times over the next 30 days.
    • Use an image in your posts, like a photo of your team or your clients. Data shows that posts with images drive more views and clicks.
    • Do not copy the post over and over. Add variation to the post by changing length, using different hashtags, tagging your client or the vendors involved, etc.

By utilizing these resources and tactics, your MSP can put itself in better position to be the hero that SMBs need during these trying times.

I will be hosting a webinar on Thursday, April 2nd about how MSPs can position themselves as heros to their clients. Be sure to register for the webinar on join us!

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Derek Marin

Posted by Derek Marin

Derek Marin is President of Simple Selling, the agency that generates predictable pipeline for MSPs. If you would rather tap dance in a minefield than add prospecting, marketing and sales team management to your to-do list, then feel free to book Derek directly from here: You can also reach him at or subscribe to the MRR Growth blog at for frequent sales tips and encouragement.

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