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There are so many security threats coming at us from all sides. It’s beyond our ability to keep up without the help of technology. Today, that means using artificial intelligence to help understand and scan for issues.

As technology continues to evolve, AI will soon be considered table stakes as an underlying foundational component of every type of software. Security is no different, and we are already seeing it becoming an integral part of the security arsenal.

It would be naive to think that AI alone could suddenly solve the security problems we face on a daily basis. What it can do is provide a way to understand the vast and growing body of security data. There is so much data, it’s impossible to grasp it all.

AI as a partner

AI can act as a technology ally in the fight against the onslaught of security threats, a trusted partner to help you assess the data. In a recent blog post during the RSA security conference, Ann Johnson, Corporate Vice President of the Cybersecurity Solutions Group at Microsoft, discussed the nature of this partnership.

Microsoft believes that AI is helping bridge the data gap, and giving the advantage back to the companies using AI-driven security technology:

When people and technology come together, we can accomplish amazing things. The world is indeed getting more complicated, but the public cloud combined with human expertise and industry collaboration are delivering innovation that gives the advantage back to the defenders of cyberspace. We have never been more optimistic about the potential for technology to support and scale your most precious cybersecurity assets – your people,” Johnson wrote.

Given the number of breaches and leaks we hear about on a daily basis, that world view might be a tad too optimistic. The important thing to remember is the people trying to get into your systems also have access to AI. That’s the flip side of this: AI gives the bad guys a similar kind of advantage in the ongoing security fight.

As an MSP helping clients stay secure, AI-driven security solutions can certainly help, giving smaller operations the same abilities as larger ones. It’s important to remember though that it isn’t a panacea. Instead, it is a cleaver helping hand in your fight to keep your clients more secure.

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