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Ask an MSP Expert

In the competitive managed service provider (MSP) market, having an effective website is crucial for lead generation. In this edition of Ask an MSP Expert, discover key tips and pointers to make your website stand out.

Recently we were joined by Nate Freedman, CEO of Tech Pro Marketing, to hear his expert advice on creating the ultimate MSP website. Nate is a seasoned marketer in the MSP space with many years of experience helping MSPs optimize their websites to increase conversions. He discussed a few key insights for MSPs to keep in mind when revamping or building their website: 

Q: What constitutes an effective MSP website? 

MSPs need to shift their perspective that websites are merely just digital brochures. Nate advocates for a shift where the website evolves into a dynamic appointment setter, strategically nudging visitors towards meaningful action. By integrating call-to-action prompts and conversion-focused elements, MSPs can create a seamless journey for visitors. 

The importance of the initial impression of a website is critical. There needs to be swift and impactful engagement within the first five seconds of a visitor’s arrival. It involves crafting clear and compelling headlines that show off the MSP’s unique value proposition, setting the stage for visitors to want to learn more. 

Q: How can MSPs differentiate themselves in a crowded market? 

Drawing from his experiences, Nate cautions against the allure of catchy yet vague messaging. Alternatively, he urges MSPs to prioritize clarity in their website headlines. Rather than resorting to ambiguous slogans, use concise and transparent language. As a result of distilling their core offerings and unique selling points into clear headlines, MSPs can capture the attention of visitors and convey their brand message with clarity and precision. 

Q: How can MSPs leverage proof points to enhance credibility and attract clients? 

Social proof is very important in shaping prospects’ perceptions of your business. Tangible evidence in the form of client testimonials and reviews helps create trust and credibility. By showcasing real-life experiences and endorsements, MSPs can create real connections with their audience. 

MSPs also need to showcase functional proof points to boost credibility. These include markers of success such as years of experience in the industry, the kinds of clients they have, and case studies showcasing past achievements. By backing up claims with concrete data and real-world examples, MSPs can display their expertise and track record.

Taking a strategic approach 

Crafting the ultimate MSP website involves a strategic approach that goes beyond aesthetics. As a result, by implementing these changes and additions to the framework, MSPs can enhance their online presence, attract quality leads, and drive business growth. 

Ready to learn more about how to take your website to the next level? Check out the On-Demand Webinar “The Ultimate MSP Website Framework” now to learn more.

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Amber Montgomery

Posted by Amber Montgomery

Amber Montgomery is a Content Marketing Associate at Barracuda MSP. With a sales background, Amber intends to bring what's worked in the past into creating content that can help MSPs grow their business. In her role at Barracuda MSP, she will focus on creating assets to enable MSPs in sales and marketing.

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