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It’s no secret that businesses continue to utilize social media more and more each day. With the consistent rise of consumer social media usage, why wouldn’t they? Whether they are writing reviews, reaching out for customer service, purchasing products, or simply following to learn more about a brand, all these actions take place on social platforms. Social media allows people to feel connected to the businesses they love.

B2B social media for MSPs

Creating captivating B2B social content can be a challenge. Many people find it to be a dull area with limited opportunities for creativity. The good news is that’s not true! Don’t let that misconception limit you on social. Here are a few post ideas that will captivate your audience:

When in doubt, be helpful. A lot of MSPs focus on pushing products and services. Instead, provide your audience with demonstrations of how the product or service can benefit your customers. Being helpful can reinforce the prospect’s confidence, too.

  1. It’s not all about you. While it’s easy to talk about yourself and what your services have to offer, it’s important to share content from third-party sites as well. Industry influencers are great resources to share credible content from.
  2. Take people behind the scenes. Break up your content with a few humanizing posts! At the end of the day, you’re selling to other people. Showcase the people on your team. Customers and prospects feel like they can relate to your brand more with these types of posts.
  3. Lastly, highlight your successes. People love to hear about testimonials and success stories. This ensures an increased level of trust and a better understanding of the value you bring as a company.

Engage with customers

Many MSP leaders underestimate the power of social media, but it’s simply another outlet to reach your target market. It’s time to either embrace social and thrive, or simply fall behind.

Customer service is an important aspect of business social media accounts. Many exceptional brands on social have strong customer service. Being responsive is always a high priority of theirs. Inbound message and response rates differ between industries, but you must always strive for high quality customer service. According to the Sprout Social Index, companies within the tech industry receive 36 inbound engagements on average per day. The two industries leading the pack in inbound messages received per day are nonprofit with 135, and media and entertainment with 139.

What truly matters though, is daily response rates to consumer messages. The tech industry has a 49 percent response rate on average compared to the leading industries such as retail at 72 percent, food and beverage with 74 percent, and consumer goods with 75 percent. Engage with your current and future customers! Whether they have questions, or are seeking advice, customer service is always a priority.

Where are customers giving their feedback?

The days of calling a customer service number to leave feedback about a product of service are long gone. So are the days of filling out a brand survey or going directly to a website to write a review. Customers are more likely to leave feedback (positive or negative) on social media. They want their fellow peers to hear what they have to say, not just the business leaders and employees.

Not only will they utilize social to write their reviews, but they’ll also visit business social media pages to read reviews from other customers before purchasing products or services.

Key takeaway for MSPs on social media

Social media can seem very overwhelming, especially when trying to figure out which platforms to utilize for your business. It’s worth noting that for the cybersecurity industry, LinkedIn is the place to be. It is the most used platform by people who work in the cybersecurity/tech industries and a common place for companies looking to invest in their security posture. Check what platforms your greatest competitors are using. If they’re taking advantage of certain platforms that you’re not, that’s when you start to fall behind.

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Morgan Pratt

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