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In a recent survey, 41 percent of respondents stated that while they use ChatGPT for other business initiatives, they haven’t used it for prospecting.

Kendra Lee, president of KLA Group, shared some key tips during her webinar on how to make the best use of AI tools such as ChatGPT to help managed service providers (MSPs) with prospecting. During the webinar, she performed a live demo that showcased the best phrase to get the best results. Here are 3 of the tips she shared in this webinar. 

Tip #1: Identifying key challenges based on industry

It is essential to understand your prospect’s industry and the challenges they face, such as evolving technologies, changing market trends, and current threats that can impact the effectiveness of their prospecting. This step is often where sales teams spend the most time on, and ChatGPT can become the sales team’s best friend. Through key questions such as “What are prospect XYZ’s challenges?”, “What is valuable to them?”, and “What’s my company’s value-add?” ChatGPT can help save you – and your salesperson – time and effort in coming up with the right message that can land them in a follow up meeting.  

Tip #2: Drafting the perfect personalized email

Regardless of if you’re approaching your prospects on LinkedIn, via another social network, or by phone, you need to plan out how you’re going to start the conversation. ChatGPT can help craft this important opener based on what you’re looking for. For instance, below are specific terms you can use when asking ChatGPT: 

  • Write a personalized email about potential cybersecurity breaches 
  • Mention that most breaches happen when employees click on a phishing email, and often these are avoidable 
  • Suggest a short meeting to talk about their cybersecurity preparedness 
  • Use a casual but professional tone of voice 
  • This email should be short – 99 words or less  

Tip #3: Preparing for all objections

Just like pointing out the challenges and assisting with email copy, ChatGPT can also help in preparing sales for potential objections. Being specific is key in this exercise. Instead of asking “What are objections to cybersecurity?”, ask “What are five potential objections that a business owner of a $10 million company might say on a cold call relating to their cybersecurity needs?”. This will give you the kinds of results that will guide you through the conversation with your prospects and allow you to be proactive with any objections that may come up during the process.  

While AI and tools like ChatGPT can help you come up with ideas and draft an email, it is important to remember that you are the subject matter expert. Don’t rely solely on the outcome of ChatGPT. Make sure you thoroughly review the copy, and that the outcome sounds like you, a human. Watch the webinar for more tips on supercharging your prospecting using ChatGPT. 

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