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Leveraging the right remote monitoring and management tool (RMM) has become a critical part of many leading MSPs’ efforts to bolster their cybersecurity offering. Barracuda recently enhanced its already robust, security-centric Barracuda RMM with its latest release, which offers MSPs new security options and enables them to more easily expand endpoint protection.

Among the focus of these recent updates are new integrations with Windows Defender Antivirus, and ServiceNow Service Desk, updates to Microsoft and third-party software patch management functionality, as well as enhancements to its integration with Barracuda Intronis Backup, a software-only BDR solution.

Barracuda RMM’s new integrations

In the release, Barracuda RMM expands its antivirus integrations with Windows Defender Antivirus, a free tool offered by Microsoft. This means that now, via Barracuda RMM, MSPs can protect customer endpoints through central management and alerting for all files, folders, and selected devices thanks to this latest update.

For MSPs that utilize a PSA tool, Barracuda RMM now has strong events and IT ticket integration with ServiceNow, an MSP-focused PSA tool. When creating tickets through Barracuda RMM, corresponding events are generated in ServiceNow and added to its event management system. MSPs with both Barracuda RMM and ServiceNow can now use their alert, event, and ticket management systems without needing to make any modifications on either platforms.

Chris Crellin, Senior Director of Product Management at Barracuda MSP, details the motivation that drives these particular updates to the Barracuda RMM platform, saying, “RMM tools must become part of an MSP’s daily client security posture assessment and remediation. Today, we are making those tasks easier for service providers to drive business value within their customer base, by adding new features and capabilities focused on mitigating security risks and protecting customers’ data and applications.”

In addition, Barracuda has further enhanced the RMM platform’s integration capabilities with Barracuda Intronis Backup, allowing service providers to view critical reports and alerts, such as missing backup reports and alerts on backups that fail to launch, all within the RMM tool. With this improved partnership, Barracuda RMM and Intronis Backup offer industry-leading data protection and monitoring for cyberthreats. Among other cybersecurity advancements in the update are improved alerting emails, searching of reports, and more for MSPs.

Stronger patch management using Barracuda RMM

One of the recent successes for cybercriminals has involved gaining access to networks and data through connected third-party applications. Barracuda RMM’s recent updates look to resolve this issue by including the ability to apply patches immediately to identified devices and improve visibility on which devices are online or offline.

Barracuda RMM’s third-party software patch management (Advanced Software Management) now includes improvements to ease the onboarding process for MSP partners. Partners can choose to subscribe to this service for the full management of their third-party software patches. This lowers the additional time that was previously required to install the patch management service for MSPs, lowering their threat risk from cyberattacks.

To learn more about Barracuda RMM’s latest updates, request a demo or the product webpage. You can also visit the webinar page on Barracuda’s website to find upcoming opportunities to learn more about these new integrations and capabilities.

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