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In our previous episode, we turned our focus to managed security services, including zero-trust network access (ZTNA), which is quickly becoming a layer of protection used to bolster a security services offering. In the fifth episode of the SmarterMSP Podcast, our hosts were joined by Paul Rainey from Range, and Mark Whiffen from Barracuda MSP to discuss how the right remote monitoring and management (RMM) tool can provide vital cybersecurity protection for an MSP and its customers.

Paul is the MSP Manager at Range, a Montana based exchange carrier providing telecommunication services to southeastern Montana and northeastern Wyoming. Mark Whiffen is the Senior Product Manager at Barracuda MSP. Mark oversees the product direction, development and delivery of Barracuda RMM and Barracuda’s partner services.

The value of RMM in a security services offering

Mark and Paul both discussed the trends that they have noticed and adapted to over the course of the past year. Paul spoke on how the experiences of his MSP business in dealing with a spread out, remote base of clients put their services to the test.

Specifically, Paul shared how many of his clients in the rural areas of Montana and Wyoming did not readily have the technology capabilities to operate securely in a remote setting, a challenge not typically experienced when everyone has been used to gathering in one mass setting. Paul also detailed how his use of Barracuda RMM enabled clients to operate to their best of their abilities while remaining secure despite an evolving cyberthreat landscape.

Mark dove into particular examples of challenges that he has been told by other MSPs over the past year, and how specific features of Barracuda RMM enabled those MSP businesses to meet their clients needs. Both Paul and Mark shared what they anticipate the near future will bring for MSP businesses, both from a hybrid workforce and cybersecurity standpoint, and how the right RMM tool can best position MSPs for success.

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