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partner success podcastHow can strengthening the experience drive more partner success within the channel ecosystem?

In the latest episode with Danny and David on Twins Talk Tech Leadership, Jason Beal, Vice President of Worldwide Partner Ecosystems at Barracuda Networks, shares insights from his extensive experience in developing the partner community and accelerating channel sales.

By investing in enablement, Barracuda is empowering partners to become more profitable and successful.

Key highlights from Jason’s insights:

  • Leadership journey: Learn why driving a high-performance culture and building high-performance teams is crucial for success.
  • International team framework: Discover the importance of cultivating a healthy, thriving international team. Using an 80/20 framework that allows flexibility to adapt to different cultures, business norms, and local market needs.
  • Partner empathy: Understand the strategies for building a successful partner community by empathizing with partners and “putting yourself in their shoes.”
  • Partner success formula: Jason’s formula of IQ + EQ + AQ = SQ breaks down into business acumen + connectivity + arrows, equaling to smashing quotas.
  • Evolution of partner community: Gain insights into the next logical evolution for the partner community – full customer lifecycle management.
  • Bolstering enablement: Barracuda will be releasing the next phase of their partner program, focusing on tactical enablement around partner services.

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Note: This was originally published at App Meetup.

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Doris Au

Posted by Doris Au

Doris is a product marketing manager at Barracuda MSP. In this position, she is responsible for connecting managed service providers with multi-layered security and data protection products that can protect their customers from today’s advanced cyber threats.

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