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As an MSP, your website is your primary marketing tool, and it is important to capitalize on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to maximize the effectiveness of this primary marketing tool. According to Raj Khera, a three-time CEO, author, and SEO and Marketing Coach, the adage of having an attractive website will lead to increased revenue is no longer true. What MSPs need is a website that stands out, not to prospective clients, but to Google.

Key overlooked SEO aspects

During a recent webinar, Raj highlighted some key overlooked aspects of SEO he witnessed. They are:

  1. The keyword research phase of the buyer’s journey. Did you know 72% of buyers for IT services read first? According to a study, these buyers will do research which includes reading white papers before making further decision to continue ahead with the buyer’s journey. This makes it important for you to investigate which term(s) you can use to get potential buyers to come to your website. By seeing which search terms are the most popular and the cost per click you can then apply this data into your content such as white papers available on your website to help drive traffic to your website and generate quality leads.
  2. Focus on them. Bringing traffic to your website is only the first step. You need to make sure your content is focused on your prospects, their needs, and the value you can offer (which is an SEO sweet spot).
  3. Website performance. Another key factor Google considers when it ranks your page is the page speed, site authority, user experience, and security. Make sure your website considers these factors to ensure a higher ranking with Google.
    Watch our on-demand webinar with Raj to learn more about how you can achieve better SEO ranking. In this, Raj will dive further into how to capitalize on Google SEO and increase your chances for qualified traffic leads which have revenue potential, and more.

You can also get a free list of the top keywords and a list of tools to help increase your website’s rankings here: MSP SEO.

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Amber Montgomery

Posted by Amber Montgomery

Amber Montgomery is a Content Marketing Associate at Barracuda MSP. With a sales background, Amber intends to bring what's worked in the past into creating content that can help MSPs grow their business. In her role at Barracuda MSP, she will focus on creating assets to enable MSPs in sales and marketing.

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