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The social media world can be overwhelming for businesses, especially when trying to distinguish what you should and should not be posting. The goal for MSPs today is to create engaging, inspiring, and helpful content for their targeted audience. Anything outside of that should probably be avoided.

The big two: politics and religion

It’s no secret that politics and religion are two topics that people are passionate about. Just like when you’re at the family dinner table, these conversation topics can go south online as well. Usually, these two are the embodiment of “us vs. them” topics, even if you do not intend it to come off that way.

From a business standpoint, it’s best to avoid these topics. It’s always admirable to have strong beliefs but keeping your political and religious views out of your professional life, or at least your business communications, is generally good practice.

You don’t want to unintentionally alienate any percentage of your future employees, partners, sponsors, etc. over a simple difference of opinion.

If you do choose to post this type of content for your MSP, keep it professional and respectful.

Don’t overshare – TMI and post fatigue

It’s time to go back to the unspoken rule: Be smart about mixing business and personal affairs, especially online. Your personal life should be kept personal. Keep your business social media pages professional in nature. Now, that doesn’t mean ignoring the vital human element of your business – go ahead and share photos of your team celebrating work anniversaries, big wins, holidays, etc. But just be mindful about what you do on social media and recognize that your personal pages are an extension of your reputation professionally, for better or for worse.

It’s also important to keep your content interesting and new. Revisiting topics is never a bad idea, but make sure that you’re mixing it up for your audience. When engagement and reach decreases, this is a sign that it’s time to start fresh. Think of new and unique ideas, be authentic with your audience, or adjust how often you’re posting. With time, your social media will appeal to your audience once again.

What images can I use?

Many times, when it comes to posting pictures online, you need the permission of the owner (sometimes the photographer) to use them, unless of course the photos have been taken by you or someone in your organization. There are a few free image resources that anyone can take pictures from. Some of these resources include Pixabay, Pexels, and Unsplash. These sites contain royalty-free images which can be used by anyone for personal or commercial purposes.

Next time you find yourself wondering what you should or should not be posting on social media, remember these tips. Always make sure you have permission to use images that are being posted, don’t share personal information, keep your content interesting and fresh, and avoid religion and politics. With these tips in mind, your MSP’s social media game will be stronger than ever before.

Photo: Dean Drobot / Shutterstock

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Morgan Pratt

Posted by Morgan Pratt

Morgan Pratt is a Content Marketing Associate at Barracuda MSP. In her role, Morgan creates and shares education and enablement materials built with today's MSPs in mind. She recently became the primary copyeditor on and enjoys working with our growing roster of contributing writers as well as MSPs themselves. Morgan has significant experience managing social media accounts for SMB clients as well as developing marketing campaigns and content.

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