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Recently Adam Khan, VP of global security operations at Barracuda MSP, sat down with Jay McCall of XaaS Journal to discuss the constantly evolving threat of ransomware. If you do not know who Adam is, he has more than 20 years of security experience and currently leads a global security team. In the latest episode of the XaaScast podcast, Adam answered several critical security questions MSPs need answers to.

In the past year, ransomware continued to gain momentum. Adam shared different variables that may have caused this dramatic increase, one factor being the work-from-home and hybrid environments.

“Employees are not in their normal work environment where they are behind a firewall, or they are behind their infrastructure,” explains Kahn. “You might not be looking at emails as carefully as you would being in that infrastructure and surrounding.”

Another factor that may have catapulted the growth of ransomware this past year is the fact that ransomware-as-a-service has come into play. “It’s really becoming easy for someone who is not technically sound to be able to subscribe to these ransomware-as-a-service applications and start utilizing them against companies.”

Adam also shared his insight on how MSPs can prepare and protect themselves against these malicious attacks. This process begins with MSPs realizing that cybersecurity is a need. Listen to the podcast for more details.

We hope that this podcast provides you with useful information and answers the questions that you and your MSP might be asking while trying to navigate the world of ransomware. A special thank you to Jay McCall and XaaS Journal for taking the time to discuss important topics such as this one with us.

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Morgan Pratt

Posted by Morgan Pratt

Morgan Pratt is a Content Marketing Associate at Barracuda MSP. In her role, Morgan creates and shares education and enablement materials built with today's MSPs in mind. She recently became the primary copyeditor on and enjoys working with our growing roster of contributing writers as well as MSPs themselves. Morgan has significant experience managing social media accounts for SMB clients as well as developing marketing campaigns and content.


  1. “ransomware-as-a-service”

    Thats crazy/extremely concerning.


  2. Matthew Hickman May 17, 2022 at 1:28 pm

    Ransomware is growing rapidly and MSPs must find ways to combat it.


  3. Matthew Hickman May 17, 2022 at 1:36 pm

    Great podcast!


  4. Very insightful podcast! Thank you for sharing!


  5. Very informational podcast.


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