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While email may not seem like the most avant-garde medium, the truth is the average dollar spent on email marketing leads to a return on investment of nearly $40. It is among the most effective marketing tools when used correctly, promoting loyalty among existing customers and reaching out to potential new leads.

That said, crafting the right email campaign for you and your business isn’t as simple as it sounds. To stay ahead of the competition, effective email marketing requires careful and considerate planning, as well as a willingness to analyze results and adapt over time.

Following best practices like segmenting lists, using a verified email list, and personalizing subject lines is always essential to ensuring success. Additionally, implementing a few major tactics will help you bring your email marketing skills to the next level.

Set and measure goals

Without specific, measurable goals for each campaign, it is incredibly difficult to determine what went right and wrong in any given situation. Every marketing message to your audience should be sent with a clear purpose in mind, whether that’s promoting a new product or spreading the word about a limited-time discount.

In the same way, one of the most efficient methods to improve your email marketing is analyzing the results of each message and diagnosing aspects that can be improved. Google Analytics and other similar tools are vital for marketing success and understanding how and when to use them is a crucial skill for any marketer.

Improve readability

It may not sound like the most important part of the email marketing process, but thoroughly editing and proofreading ensures your messages are professional and easy to read. Typos and other simple mistakes will turn off many readers who may have otherwise been interested in your brand.

Similarly, more emails are opened on mobile devices than on any other platform, and those users are likely to be particularly sensitive about emails that waste their time. The editing process should include opportunities to reduce unnecessary filler text and make sure that you respect your audience’s time.

Catch their eye

More marketing emails are going out than ever before, so it’s easy for users to feel disinterested in most of the content they receive. Getting through to your audience requires separating yourself from the generic, recycled content that is filling so many inboxes.

You can also generate attention and interest in your emails with a concise subject line that demonstrates the value of the email’s content. A strong subject line stands out from the emails around it and tells the recipient that they would be missing out if they scrolled past.

Email marketing is incredibly difficult to master, but these simple, yet effective strategies will make it easy to improve your email ROI. Continuing to adapt your email content based on industry trends and user responses will help you stay ahead of the competition and ensure that you’re always improving.

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