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Many forward-thinking MSPs are realizing the importance of offering a cybersecurity service that has its’ people, processes, and technology all working 24×7, making certain that every one of their customers is not only in a constant state of protective security but also that should an attack occur, they are quickly placed in the hands of a cybersecurity professional who can respond to the problem immediately. This may sound like an easy goal to achieve but offering managed security services not only comes with an array of opportunities, but plenty of challenges, too.

In our new eBook, Conversational Managed Security Services for MSPs, we partnered with Nick Cavalancia, Microsoft MVP and CEO of Conversational Geek, to help MSPs who are evaluating to expand their offerings to include managed security services to see what their options are and how they can successfully expand. In this eBook, you’ll find key industry insights and advice to help you navigate the managed security services journey that lies ahead for you. 

The evolving need for cybersecurity services

The number of organized and tracked cybercriminal groups has grown by 170 percent, the growth in the number of Cybercrime as a Service (CCaaS) services available has increased attack sophistication while lowering the barrier to market for threat actors, and the list goes on. With the ever-changing and evolving need for cybersecurity services, here are where the opportunities for MSPs like you arise. 

The first initial opportunity for MSPs to take advantage of is offering a variety of cybersecurity services. If you’re not already offering the following, which by no means is an exclusive list, then it’s time to add them into your offering:

  • RMM to monitor and secure endpoints, servers, networks, and more 
  • Email security 
  • Web/DNS protection 
  • Security awareness training 
  • Firewall management 
  • Secure access for cloud applications 
  • Backup and recovery 

If you’re offering cybersecurity services such as these, then you’re off to a great start! There are a few trends you might run into however, that will require you to continually adjust. A few examples are: 

  1. Digital transformation 
  2. Supporting a remote or hybrid workforce 
  3. Email being a primary attack vendor 
  4. Users not caring about cybersecurity 

Moving to managed security services

While cybersecurity is a great opportunity for your MSP, offering robust protection that covers relevant threats in today’s landscape is where the true challenge lies. The next step includes implementing a far more cohesive approach that achieves greater visibility, faster response to threats, and better protection than your current approach. 

Any good security offering should involve preventing, protecting, detecting, investigating, responding to, and remediating threats. To overcome the challenge of ensuring your strategy includes all of those, there are a few options that MSPs have traditionally tried to take: 

  1. Partner with local MSSPs 
  2. Build their own security operations center (SOC) 
  3. Partner with trusted vendors 

These solutions might be successful in the short term but partnering with a vendor that offers you a SOC, complete with 24×7 monitoring of customer environments by experienced security analysts, might be the long term answer you’re searching for. 

Evolving your cybersecurity services to a managed offering is a step in the right direction for your business. Should there be cyber-attacks on your customers, you’ll be able to rest assured knowing there is a team in place to support you. Are you ready to learn more about making this transition of offering managed security services? Download our free Conversational Managed Security Services eBook to get started on your journey today. 

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