Regardless of where you live in the world, the end of November tends to be a busy time. Many businesses are planning for the coming year, looking to close more deals, and even scrambling to spend budget. On top of that, many employees in the US are balancing their time by running to the grocery store, preparing turkeys, mashing potatoes, and preparing to celebrate Thanksgiving Day feasts with their loved ones.

Despite the bustle of a busy season, this provides an important reminder to slow down and recognize what we are thankful for. At Barracuda MSP, we are thankful for a multitude of things – but  at the top of our list is our MSP partners. To make this time of the year easier for our partners, we pulled together a list of resources you can use to help grow your managed services business.

3 Resources to leverage

Whether you are looking for educational materials, articles on the latest trends, or guidance to help grow your managed services business, Barracuda MSP has you covered. Here are three resources partners can start leveraging today:

  • Barracuda Campus. Campus is a resource hub that provides documentation, training, and certification for all your Barracuda products. This self-led training portal includes documentation, videos, best practices, and more to ensure that you start off on the right foot.
  • Barracuda MSP Insiders. MSP Insiders is an exclusive partner community designed toenable partners – like you – to provide valuable feedback, network with peers, and share helpful tips and tricks. The best part about it? You earn points and rewards for completing challenges and sharing your unique insight with us!
  • Partner Toolkit. The Partner Toolkit is an excellent resource to help you launch your next marketing campaign. The Toolkit is full of rebrandable materials including PowerPoint presentations, email campaign templates, collateral, and more to help you successfully grow and market your managed services business.

As you finalize your plans for the coming year, close more business, and spend your remaining budget — we hope that our resources come in handy in helping you successfully grow your managed service business.

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Lauren Beliveau

Posted by Lauren Beliveau

Lauren is a content and product marketer with several years of experience in the IT channel. She has created and developed content that helps managed service providers grow their business, and has written many articles featured in SmarterMSP’s The MSP’s Bookshelf and Ask an MSP Expert series.

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